Helplessly Decorating Leader - Takes An Clairetteb95 But It Keeps On Tickin'.

Wedding in the weekend

I'm getting married this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it, I can't wait! But I'm kind of nervous at the same time. I think everybody is nervous at some point when they are getting married. I mean, it's a commitment for life! It's not something you take easily. But I'm having my wedding in France which I think is kind of romantic. We're also having it in the city of love which is very fitting. But now it's time to start preparing for the wedding. I have to get a new tux! 

Magical glasses?

The summer is closing in! It's getting time to wear the shorts and put on the sunglasses. I love sunglasses! They're great to use when it's sunny outside. They protect your eyes from the sun. And you also look really cool! But i recently discovered something awesome. It's called a optical shutter. It's glass that turns black when it's hit by light. Doesn't that sound awesome? I would love to get me those! I think it would impress on your friends to. I know I would be amazed if I saw my friends wearing them.